Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh my Teens! I'm left in the lurch now! :(

The whole world is full of mysteries, which are waiting to be unravelled! And the most non-understandable mystery is the nature of time. Everyone is said to undergo a transition phase when each decade of his lifetime passes by, which is actually just another day of his life, and makes him a decade older. This is no puzzle, i.e. in a matter of one day, you call a teenager, a youth in his early twenties! This happened to me a few days back. Yes, I turned Twenty last Thursday, and thus in my life, came the end of the road for what everyone call as the happiest period of one's life viz, Teenage period!

People usually lay down their claim that the teenage period is the most blithe and enjoyable period in one's life, as this is the stage before they have to step into the real world which is full of responsibilities, burdens and so forth. There are different perspectives from which you can view this phase of life - it can be to enjoy life to the fullest as it is free of high responsibilities, or it can be made to inure oneself to one's own surroundings, which one is bound to encounter on crossing what they call as the college-age.

When you cross the teenage barrier, People look up to you for results, and not merely potential. There is no word called potential which can survive beyond a certain span of time, without leading to the appropriate results, in this present-day materialistic world. That's the fact about the world which is really hard to digest. If you fail to achieve something significant in your life even with your first attempt, you are bound to be excoriated. So there is a certain need to tread the path of your life more warily and meticulously than ever, so that you end up with the desired success in your endeavours.

I have enjoyed my college life extremely well, even if I'm not a success quotient in my college. Enjoyment and success doesn't need to go hand-in-hand, this can be best illustrated by my life. And what's more, my school life, was far, far better than the present scenario. Now that I have stepped into the hard world of reality, it hurts thinking that I'm not a teenager anymore. I'm not saying that those who have crossed the age of twenty are not happy anymore. But in the general perspective of the world, none can be as carefree as the youth and be free of highly onerous responsibilities as the modern day youths are, and I go along with the world's thinking at present.


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  1. Madhumitha is totally cute :) she must have been more so in her teens :)