Saturday, August 8, 2009

I, Me, Myself

Loves everything which are created by mother nature in this beautiful world. Extremely obsessed with sports, especially cricket. I honestly don't know why I have this special attachment to the so-called-stupid-game of cricket, but I guess it might be from my previous birth, as I was born on the same date as the legendary Don Bradman. :) :)
Extremely loves the music of ARR and of course, Ilayaraja too. Would even die in return for a small chat with my god in the game of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. In music, no english songs please!! Loves to listen to Tamil and Hindi music all the time. An avid singer too. A good follower of Indian cinema, not much English movies here too.. Likes SRK, Rajni and Vijay among the actors.
Completely new to blogging, I don't even have a hands-on experience in maintaining a diary for myself. Started this blog with a gentle push and confidence from one of my good friends, and more importantly, out of the curiosity of ownin a blog for myself.


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