Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing! :(

It has been really long since I blogged, and that's because I was really busy in a marked degree, with my mailbox being flooded with admits from all institutes under the sky, towards my higher education, for pursuing any course of my choice, after my stupendous academic achievements in my UG course. There were too many irons in my fire and so, I could not afford to trifle my time for this desultory hobby of mine called blogging.

How I wish I could write a post in my blog which reads like the text given above!!

If you could recollect my first ever meaningful post in this blog, it was utterly remorseful, in which every significant thing which happens in my life was termed as a folly. People liberally thrashed me for bringing in CAT into that post. In hindsight, my conviction has turned out to be true.

Before I wrote the CAT on afternoon of 6th December'09, I had a gut feeling that this year's exam was not meant for me, as it was termed as a walk in the park for everyone who wrote it. Frankly speaking, I felt that the filtering of the deserving students could not be achieved efficiently through a mediocre exam and so, I discounted myself from having a chance of making it to some good institute through CAT this year.

I wrote in the same batch as that of many of my friends. Hari, who wrote in the morning batch, was eating his heart out, as his favourite section, Quants, had deserted him. I swore to myself that I won't make the same mistake in time management. But as it turned out to be, resolutions are meant to be broken, and I did the same mistake all over again. But still, I felt I had done the exam really well if not extraordinarily, and hoped for a good result.

The results for the exam, meanwhile, was being delayed repeatedly due to the excellent organizing of CAT by Prometric, in collaboration with the IIMs. After much hullabaloo, the CAT results were declared on 28th Feb. I had got a very good percentile score in the eyes of others, which even I wouldn't have dreamt of, before writing the test. But the irony is that, many of my friends got calls from various IIMs, whereas I didn't get any. I turned out to be the showpiece for everybody around me, who could demonstrate how insignificant the hype and hoopla around the Common Admission Test could turn out to be.

Thus, whatever I stated in the third mistake of my life had occured to the fullest possible extent. What mattered was the fact that, for people to get IIM calls, they should not be a Farhan Qureshi (Read Maddy in 3 Idiots). So, In case of you being a FARHANITRATE kinda guy in your college, please do remove CAT from your list of career options!