Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Bizarre Sathyam Adventure!! ;)

I've never been to a cinema with my gang of college friends till a couple of days ago, which may be felt by many as absurd for a guy like me who knocks around in perpetuum with friends. This grotesque experience of mine happened on Tuesday, the 18th of this month.

It was the eve of the red-letter day of the most popular figure in our gang, Dinesh, better known by everyone as the MASS! ;) Classes ended for most of the guys with the third hour and for some, with the 4th hour. We all decided to spend the afternoon at the Sathyam Cinemas and have a ball. It was decided that we would go to an English movie titled Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, unanimously (though I was not involved in the decision-making process). Everyone was furious with Mass for not bringing his car to take us to theatre, and also, for not offering us a birthday-eve treat. :D

This was actually my first ever English movie in a theatre ever since I came to high school, so I was pretty apprehensive about going with them initially. Only after they told that I could easily follow and enjoy the movie, I decided to proceed. Eleven Usual Suspects decided to go to the movie at last and the list comprised of Mass, Arthu, Cisc, Vasanth, Pandu, Santhu, Shyam, Ram, Vicky, Deepak and myself.

We all reached the theatre by 1.50 for the 3.45 show. Halt there Guys! Don't ponder why. It's necessary to reach the theatre 2 hours in advance for a theoretical possibility of getting the 10 rupee tickets! [We're perfect local lads] ;) We were impersonating Rajni and Koundamani (thalaivaaaa!!) while we were in the queue. [Does Mannan strike a note??!! :P] We were the cynosure of all eyes at the cinema, but we're not ones to be bothered by all those! :D

When we reached the ticket counter, Cisc was the one with the money hence he was left the job of buying the tickets. But Lo! There were only 6 tickets for the movie for which we had come! :( Then, in a moment of madness, mass and myself shouted that we would instead go for Kaminey, a Hindi movie starring Shahid Kapoor in a dual role and Piggy Chops. Though this was induced by the highly positive opinions about the movie, We both didn't listen to anyone's animosity and told Cisc to go ahead and buy eleven tickets for Kaminey. The others were extremely annoyed as I was the only one there who could understand Hindi a little better than the others. And, what's more, I am almost an abecedarian in the language. :)

Then, after buying the tickets, without paying heed to all the brouhaha around, we reached Shyam's house which is within a stone's throw from the cineplex. [I wish I own a house there, Lucky fellow Shyam! :(] All the other guys were locked up in a room and doing something, God alone knows what! And being an ardent cricket fan, I started to watch the drab 5th ODI between B'desh and Zimbabwe at Bulawayo. When I switched on the tv, the Zimbabweans were tottering at 80 odd for the loss of 6 wickets. After about another hour of humdrum cricket at its best, everyone left for the show as it was about to commence shortly.

We reached the cinema, and were near the entrance, when a couple of guys took a detour to have a glimpse of someone in a niggardly attire. As if this wasn't enough, when we were about to enter the cinema hall, some were waiting like guards letting others to pass in for this sole purpose! ;) The guards glowered at our guys like we were causing a pain in their neck. But, anyone who knows us would certainly understand that this is nothing new. :D

When the movie began, everyone who was fighting for a seat near me so that I could be their interpreter, started to feel bad as I was not listening to the movie at all, and was totally engrossed in the chatter with Mass. Even those who started to feel that they should see the movie, lost their interest fully, courtesy Mass and myself. :) I just understood the gist of the first half of the movie with the few scenes I watched, and explained to some others what I could make out, during the interval.

Then, came the anti-climax at the end of the intermission. We thought that we could occupy a seat in the more luxurious 90 rupee ticket arena, as we felt that we won't be caught. When I went there, mass called me over to his next seat where Santhu had just sat down. I was engaged in a brawl with him, and as he refused to let me sit there, I sat (lay :D) on top of him and refused to get up. The security guards felt this to be too much of a nuisance, and they charged towards us intending to throw us out.

When we noticed this, Ram, Vicky and myself quietly ran away and placed ourselves among the 10 rupee ticket seats. The others didn't listen to us and stayed put at the same place. The guards came and almost whacked the others out of the theatre. [Those people won't accept this particular statement. :D] We three saw the second half completely without any sort of disturbance, and infact liked the movie and its narration, true to the reviews I had heard earlier.

But, that day, the story of the movie didn't linger in my mind. Instead, the thought of oneself being thrown out of a cinema theater, which seemed highly hypothetical till then, happening right in front of my eyes, had me in splits the entire day! :)


[P.S:- The characters and the incidents mentioned above are truly factual and nothing fictional. You can feel free to ask any of them what happened that day at Sathyam :D]


  1. Abathamana poi! Yaarum nambaathinga!! Intha mathiri ethuvum nadakkala.. :-)

  2. A little more detail on the lookout for the attire could have been included ;) :P

  3. @Hannibal: Everyone knows what happened that day da! :D No point in rueing now.. :P

    @Surya: I am a good boy, and I won't tell what you expect! :D

  4. mama u missed out many things da..

  5. Acid acid acid ... Thalaiva..:-) And de , Ali bhai rocks da ...:-)

  6. How i wich i could see a movie with Madhumitha...Me n her alone in the screened should be Casablanca :)

  7. @ Dinesh: And History will repeat itself.U both ll be thrown out:P